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Fifth Wheel Coupling in Huntsville, Alabama

Stop using messy grease on your fifth wheel coupling, use the EPA-friendly product from Drive EZ, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama, instead. With Drive EZ, you exert five-times less torque on your fifth wheel.

Benefits of EZ

Save $140 in grease and a great deal of hassle when you replace your greasy fifth wheel cover with Drive EZ. Our product is EPA-friendly and cuts down on tire wear. With our product, you no longer need to worry about the trailer becoming misaligned because of a spot on your fifth wheel where the grease has run off.

Our Promise

Purchase a fifth wheel cover that is guaranteed for the first year with correct installation. This is the only product on the market for semis that welds to the fifth wheel and works incredibly well in drop-and-hook situations. The Drive EZ is priced at $179 dollars, and can also be purchased wholesale to be sold in your retail store.

Contact us in Huntsville, Alabama, to save time, money, and maintenance on your fifth wheel coupling.
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